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Isabella the Nymph

A 75mm scale miniature sculpture that brings the enchanting world of a nymph fishing along a serene lake to life. Meticulously crafted with exquisite attention to detail, Isabella sits gracefully on a rock, wooden fishing rod in hand and a basket poised to receive her catch. Sculpted by the talented artist Ramon Cubiles (@decubiles), who demonstrates a deep appreciation and understanding of anatomy, this intricately designed piece showcases his dedication to capturing the delicate nuances of the human form. Ramon carefully portrays the graceful curves of Isabella's figure and the subtle musculature of her limbs, imbuing the sculpture with a sense of lifelike realism. Available as both a 75mm scale miniature or bust version, Isabella invites you into the mythical realm of nymphs, satyrs, and more.


Painted by Zik_minis

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