Original Designs and Sculpts

Our miniatures are not only of exceptional quality, but also unique and exclusive to our brand. Our talented group of artists works tirelessly to design and create miniatures with unmatched detail and craftsmanship. Each piece is hand-inspected for quality, resulting in miniatures that are both beautiful and functional. You won't find our designs anywhere else, making our miniatures a must-have for any collector looking for something truly special.

Looking for something speical? We'd love to help you fulfill your dream minaiture, send us a message!

Cast Resin & On-Demand Prints

Periodically we will have a selection of our miniatures made in beautiful cast resin as shown above. Due to the small nature of our company, we can only do a few of these at a time, however we also offer on-demand prints from our webstore. Each purchase should be printed, cleaned, and prepared within one to two weeks of your purchase!

All of our on-demand prints are of the highest-quality resin, and are printed at 8k resolution.


At Gilded Lion Miniatures, we are always excited to collaborate with talented content creators and miniature painters to develop box art for our store. We believe that combining our exclusive miniatures with stunning box art can truly elevate the collector's experience. If you are a content creator or painter with a passion for miniatures, we would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to send us a message to discuss potential collaborations and bring your unique style to our brand.