The Artists

At Gilded Lion Miniatures, we are proud to work with a talented group of artists to bring our miniature figurines to life. These artists bring a range of backgrounds and styles to the table, and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with them to create unique and captivating pieces.



Tiago and Rodrigo are the dynamic duo behind the Volpebox team, who specialize in sculpting detailed miniatures in various styles. Their ability to craft highly detailed figurines drew us in from the start, and we have been consistently impressed with their work.

Pablo Zenatti

Pablo Zenatti is another talented artist we have the pleasure of working with. Pablo first reached out to us after seeing our greek mythology minaitures and mentioned he would like to help our vision become a reality.  He first started with our egyptian series of miniatures, working directly with Giann's concepts to help launch our incredible egyptian themed miniatures.

Arny Kalobas

We also work with Arny Kalobas, who has a passion for bringing characters from mythology to life. Arny is always eager to assist and is able to take any concept and bring it to reality.  Some of his most notable work is his creation of the Odysseus and the Mermaid sculpt.

Arthur Parizi

Arthur Parizi is another talented artist we collaborate with. His highly realistic musculature and skills with anatomy remind us of classical sculpture, and we are consistently blown away by his ability to create lifelike figurines.  You can recognize his lifelike sculptures throughout our store.  Justin's personally favorite miniature he has sculpted is The Embrace

Giann Pignatti

Finally, our concept artist Giann Pignatti works with us to bring our concepts to life. He help create our ideas and bring them to life, proposing different outfits ad poses that help flesh out each character.  With a keen eye for detail and a passion for character design, Giann has helped us create some truly unique and captivating pieces.

Each collaboration with these talented artists is focused on a particular theme, such as a character from mythology or a follower of a particular god. We work closely with each artist to ensure that the end result is a miniature figurine that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also stays true to the theme and story we are trying to tell.

We are incredibly grateful to work with such talented and passionate artists, and we are excited to see what we will create together in the future.