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Style: Clothed

Introducing Aisling, our 75mm Forest Elf, a captivating miniature sculpture crafted by Eduarado Freitas. With her ethereal pose and intricate detailing, this exquisite resin figure encapsulates the elf's mystical connection to dreams. Residents of her forest domain—or lucky travelers who cross her path—may be gifted with visions of the future or profound dreamscapes. With her delicate features and enchanting attire, intricately sculpted to highlight her ethereal nature, this limited-edition piece serves as both a unique collector's item and a gateway to a world where the boundary between dreams and reality softly blurs.

Aisling is available in two versions, a clothed variant and a nude variant.

 Scale 75mm

Base Size

60mm x 47mm Oval Base

Material High Quality Grey Resin

Eduardo Freitas

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