Dark Elf Gladiatrices

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Model Selection: Full Set of 10

Unleash the fierce power of the mystical with the Dark Elf Gladiatrices, a strike-force of warrior-witches made in 32mm scale. This commanding group, comprises a dynamic trumpeter, a flag bearer, a longsword-wielder, and three distinct, yet harmoniously unified, dagger-wielding elves. At the helm stands the leader, a staff-wielding witch, embodying the raw strength and arcane prowess of this unique force.

These figures can be acquired individually, empowering you to curate your desired force, or as a set of ten, perfect for a unit for your dark elf army. The unit of 10 includes 3 more of the dagger-wielding elves, mirror to provide a semi-unique pose. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of dark elf magic and valor with these stunning miniatures, perfect for adding depth and intensity to your tabletop adventures.

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