Elektra - Ready for Battle Edition

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Scale: 32mm

Introducing Elektra, Gilded Lion Miniatures' latest and most electrifying addition, standing at an impressive 75mm tall. This one-of-a-kind miniature is the result of a collaboration between the talented Aether and Alchemist team, who have combined their skills to bring Elektra's fierce and fiery spirit to life. As a cybernetic Naga woman, Elektra's unique design fuses the mythical with the futuristic, featuring a stunning cyberpunk aesthetic complete with metallic accents, neon highlights, and a mesmerizing serpentine lower half.  Normally, she spends her time gigging on her Elektra Guitar with her bandmates, but sometimes in the lower city, she does need to take some action out on the streets.

This miniature is available in 75mm and 32mm scales.  Both minis come with a cyberpunk base, as shown in the Eletrka Guitarist miniature.

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