Tabaxi Catfolk Priestess

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Dimensions: 32mm Scale

This is a 3D Printing model of a Catfolk / Tabaxi Lioness. This model can be purchased in two variations - spellcasting, and hands on hips. It can also be purchased in two sizes, 28mm and 100mm scale. If you have a custom request on size, send me a message, I am more then happy to assist!

All orders over $35 provides free shipping! So feel free to purchase more models from my shop - if a model is out of stock send me a message!

This model was created by the wonderful 3D Printing Realms. Check out their 3d models they've made on their art station:

Each figurine is held to very high quality standards. Due to the nature of resin 3D printing, there may occasionally be small marks left on the model as a result of the resin support process. I minimize these marks, and place supports on areas that don't receive detail. These blemishes can easily be sanded off or removed with a small hobby knife. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with a miniature please reach out to me, I ensure every miniature passes a thorough quality check. I ask myself - would I be proud to display this miniature in my display cabinet? If not, it fails my quality test and gets sent to my "factory seconds" section of the store and I send out a pristine model to the customer. You can often find "factory seconds" on my store for much cheaper prices too - these models have minor defects that did not pass my quality standards, but are still in good condition, just requiring minor cleanup. If you are interested in this - check out my store and select the "Factory Seconds" option on the sidebar!

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