The Faeblade

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Style: Clothed (as pictured)

Introducing "The Faeblade," a captivating 75mm scale resin model kit that embodies the perfect fusion of ethereal beauty and warrior spirit. Skillfully sculpted by the renowned Eduardo Freitas, this miniature brings to life a fairy princess warrior in exquisite detail.

"The Faeblade" features a dynamic pose with her trusty sword, symbolizing strength and grace. She is perched elegantly upon a delicately crafted mushroom, which adds a whimsical touch to her fierce demeanor. The attention to detail in this piece is truly astounding – from the intricate design of her wings to the texture of her attire, every aspect of this model is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity.

We are pleased to offer two versions of this stunning piece: a fully clothed option that captures the regal and mystical nature of a fairy princess, and a topless variant that embraces a more natural and free-spirited essence of fairy folklore.

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