Undead Dragon

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This huge undead dragon is resin printed as a kit. The beautiful dragon has a wingspan of about 14 once fully assembled. The base of the model is 100mm or 4inches.

This dragon will fit perfectly in a dnd setting for a final boss, or as a beautiful display peace. This dragon will need some assembly. Here are some assembly instructions:

Assembling Instructions:
Helpful tools:
Super Glue or Two-part epoxy glue for melding
Green Stuff Epoxy putty / Milliput
Optional: Super Glue accelerant

The pieces in this model slot together very well, but will be required to be glued together. I'd personally recommend using super glue in combination with some green stuff epoxy putty. The super glue can be used to bond the parts together, and then in the event there are any gaps in the model, you can use the green stuff epoxy putty or milliput. To use the epoxy putty well, roll up a thin slice into a long strip, and place the epoxy around the gap. Then, you can get a damp brush (I'd recommend a rubber brush for initial smoothing) to smooth the pieces together. The water helps make the putty become thinner, so there is a seamless gap. Here's a great video on how to do it:

Each figurine is held to very high quality standards. Due to the nature of resin 3D printing, there may occasionally be small marks left on the model as a result of the resin support process. I minimize these marks, and place supports on areas that don't receive detail. These blemishes can easily be sanded off or removed with a small hobby knife. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with a miniature please reach out to me, I ensure every miniature passes a thorough quality check. I ask myself - would I be proud to display this miniature in my display cabinet? If not, it fails my quality test and gets sent to my "factory seconds" section of the store and I send out a pristine model to the customer. You can often find "factory seconds" on my store for much cheaper prices too - these models have minor defects that did not pass my quality standards, but are still in good condition, just requiring minor cleanup. If you are interested in this - check out my store and select the "Factory Seconds" option on the sidebar!

This 3D Model was designed by Printomancer 3D. They have a fantastic MyMiniFactory available here if you would like the STL files!

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