Undead Wyvern

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This large undead wyvern is resin printed as a kit. This wyvern will fit perfectly in a dnd setting for a final boss, or as a beautiful display peace. There is some assembly required.

The model sits upon a 100mm, or 4inch base.

Each figurine is held to very high quality standards. Due to the nature of resin 3D printing, there may occasionally be small marks left on the model as a result of the resin support process. I minimize these marks, and place supports on areas that don't receive detail. These blemishes can easily be sanded off or removed with a small hobby knife. As always, If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with a miniature please reach out to me!

This 3D Model was designed by Printomancer 3D. They have a fantastic MyMiniFactory available here if you would like the STL files!

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