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The finished painted centaur

It's been a while since the last blog post, but I've been feeling motivated to start writing again.   In the last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of working with Silver Lining Mini Painting, also known as Joachim Van Lommel.  I met Silver Lining Mini Painting in a semi-irregular way.  I had posted on reddit, in r/brushforhire that I was looking to find someone to paint one of our upcoming figurines, and he kindly responded to the reddit post and sent me a direct message.  We talked about the initial project idea, goals for the project, and more.  I initially needed someone to do the box cover art for our centaur with harp figurine, as in the next few weeks I am hoping to launch a STL kickstarter for the miniature (as it is our oldest figurine by far). 

So, with Silver Lining Mini Painting being a whole ocean away, we then tried to work through a way to get him the figurine.  This proved to be a small challenge, as shipping the figurine across the ocean, paying import duties and tariffs on the item, and then waiting for the shipment to arrive was less then ideal.  Luckily, Joachim had a neighbor (shoutout to @demospel) that had access to a resin printer, so we were able to send it to him and get a quick result!  Demo-spel's printed turned out great and was printed in less then two days which was awesome!  Demo-spel ended up using custom supports on the figurine, as opposed to our pre-supported model, as he used a Formlabs 3 (a FLS resin printer).  I had these models tested and pre-supported for SLA resin printers.  Luckily Demo-spel did a fantastic job of supporting the model, and after some minor cleanup Joachim was able to do a fantastic job painting it!
Female Centaur Resin Print
So our next step was having the figurine painted.  Joachim and I discussed a plan for the base, as we technically do have a pre-made base, but it wasn't exactly awe-inspiring.  Joachim offered to make a base from scratch, and even do some water effects!  It was a blast to watch him build it (check out his instagram post on how he did it here!!  Honestly, it was so inspiring to see Silver Lining Mini Painting create the incredible diorama base from scratch.  I've been inspired to up my own diorama game, as his base really pulls the full piece together.

Once the painting process began, Joachim sent me daily updates with progress, making sure to ask me for feedback and any opinions I had.  He did an incredible job following the vision of the project, when I was asked for feedback, I didn't really have anything to provide it was done so well! I've historically been fairly picky when providing feedback, but I just had nothing to say as the results were simply stunning!  

A progress picture of the skin and face we received

Finally, Joachim sent me the finally piece, and I was blown away!  He had done an amazing job following the vision of the project, and made an even better base!  He also provided some feedback on the model itself, showing me a minor visual problem on the left arm of the figurine.  Joachim patched it up with his paint, but I was able to send that feedback to Tiago from the Volpebox sculpting team to fix up for the actual Kickstarter release (we also had the chest side reduced slightly, don't worry - if you like the original painted size, we will provide that version also!). This helped me learn that sometimes you really do need to have a figurine painted in detail to discover any problem points of the model.

Side View of Female Centaur With Harp
Third View of Female Centaur with Harp
it was an absolute delight to work with Silver Lining Mini Painting, and I can't wait to commission him for future miniatures!  His display-quality paint jobs were so detailed and he was incredibly helpful and easy to work with.  Seriously, if you need a commission painter, reach out to Joachim!  You will not be disappointed!

The Kickstarter

So why the special display art?  Well, we will be doing an STL release of pre-supported 100mm figurines of this model.  The miniature will be available in three separate versions, the Armored version (as shown above), the Clothed Version, and finally the natural version.  If you are interested and would like updates, please sign up for our email newsletter on the homepage!

As always, this wouldn't be possible without the incredible support of the Volpebox team of Tiago and Rodrigo - seriously you guys do incredible work.  And then of course Silver Lining Mini Painting!



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