Well, it has come to a point now where I may be needing a secondary printer!  I have received a decent amount of custom requests for different sized prints, from 28mm scale miniatures, to a 12" statue of the centaur print.  Obviously, I can always separate each miniature into a "kit" and glue the parts together, but it's nice to have everything be one piece if possible!  So that, paired with increased demand means that I have been seeking out a larger printer for a decent amount of time!

So currently I am looking at a few printers:
  • Elegoo Saturn
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4k
  • Epax E10
  • Anycubic Photon Mono X

In another world, I'd be able to get an even larger resin printer, however based off my current financial situation, I'll need to generate quite a bit more funds before that day comes! :)

Elegoo Saturn 

Anyways, I've been primarily targeting the Elegoo Saturn, as it is currently priced at $500!  It has also been available the longest on the market, so I know it's been reviewed fairly decently.

Uncle Jessie's great overview:

Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4k

The Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4k also appears to be an option at around $600, however it currently has a delay of 2 months, which seems quite insane.  I currently use the Phrozen Sonic Mini, which I purchased for $250.  It's been a great machine for me so far!

3DPrintingPro did a great review of the Mighty 4k here - I love these assembly videos.

Epax E10

The Epax E10 is priced at around $730 - $800.  Epax histroically has been reviewed very well, known for their high quality machines.  However, this machine is not made in the United States like previous machines.  It is intentionally Epax's more affordable printer.  It looks like a great machine, but apparently the cover has a decent amount of "cracking" issues in shipping.  Based off their facebook group - it looks like they are experimenting with a reinforced lid to help fix this issue, but it is still $800.

Here's a great overview from Uncle Jessie:

Anycubic Photon Mono X

Next up finally is the Anycubic Photon Mono X!  I initially looked at getting this one back in November, as it was on sale for $500 for preorders!  However, I had a few other expenses that month and wanted to wait for reviews.  Unfortunately, now it's being sold at $799 on Amazon, and $699 on 3D Printing Hubs and Anycubics website.  Norm from Tested (the Mythbusters crew) did a great video on it!

The great thing about the Anycubic Photon Mono X - it's actually in stock right now!  Yes it is more expensive, but I can get it one to two weeks it looks like without having to check Amazon every 5 minutes (cough cough, like the Elegoo Saturn).

So, Which Printer?

Honestly... I am not quite sure.  If I can get an Elegoo Saturn for $500, I'd go for that.  Also pro-tip, there are at on of scalpers for the Elegoo Saturn right now, here's what Amazon looks like:
The current scalpers on amazon.If you want a resin printer for that price, look at getting an Epax X10, a Phrozen Phenom, or some other printer.  Or, just look at some of these other printers I mentioned!  The Anycubic Mono X is available right now!

What are your thoughts on all of these printers?  Which one are you hoping to get?  Any suggestions?


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